Oleg Kasynets

Jazz Funk
Oleg Kasynets

Oleg is a Ukraine-born, Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist who began his career at a young age. As a child he appeared in print and tv commercials and quickly climbed the ladder as a successful choreographer and performer.

Oleg is a new kid on the block whose unique style is capturing the attention of established industry professionals. Oleg has preformed and acted in multiple music videos for singer KORRA-A, in the Foxtrott “Shields” music video (choreographed by Wynn Holmes, directed by Kevin Calero), and has appeared on E-Talk News and Vogue Italia 2019.  He also worked with renowned clients such as Bumble Toronto and Walmart and Estee Lauder for their Spring Campaign 2019.

Oleg continues to teach dance classes and grow his digital presence. With over 100,000+ views on YouTube and 10K Instagram followers, Oleg loves to engage an audience. His determination to explore himself as an artist has taken many creative paths, from working as a creative director to pursuing his acting career.

Oleg’s best asset is his imagination. His success as an artist can be attributed to his ability to visualize himself as any character in any role.  He is dynamic, energetic, and action-oriented.