FINAL Hour Showdown

VIEW FINAL HOUR SHOWDOWN AWARD The VIEW Final Hour Showdown will take place at the end of the Nationals dance competition before the start of the Red Carpet Gala.

It is a celebration of dance where each registered dance studio will have the opportunity to present one group number. The judges will choose their favorite number based on entertainment value. The judges choose, what they feel, is the most entertaining routine. Let's celebrate the art of dance! 

Every dance studio will have the opportunity to choose one competition group entry (Small Group, Large Group, Extended Line) of any style, age category and classification to compete in the VIEW FINAL HOUR SHOWDOWN. Studio owners and directors must submit the entry of choice no later than 1 week prior to the start of the VIEW Dance Challenge event. Winner of the VIEW Final Hour showdown is determined by the three adjudicators and is not based on score merit, but rather the judges choice. Title solos are not eligible for the FINAL Hour Showdown.


FINAL Hour Showdown winner will be announced during the Red Carpet Gala! 

VIEW Dance Challenge strongly encourages dancers and parents to stay and support their fellow teammates in the VIEW FINAL HOUR SHOWDOWN!