Hailey O'Grady

"Greece! When I was asked to join this incredible experience with VIEW Dance Challenge I couldn't believe it! Greece gives you everything expected and more. Partaking on this journey, I have been lucky enough to meet 8 amazing dancers that I can now call my friends, the original 9! Training with these girls everyday created an amazing environment right from the beginning. We were automatically comfortable with each other and how well we danced together, with only a weeklong practice, shows how much we all truly bonded and grew during our time in Greece. Alongside the dancers, I was given the opportunity to learn from three amazing, inspiring and thoughtful teachers/mentors Justin, Kristen, and Sam. I cannot thank them enough for how much they taught not only me, but all of the original 9. Pushing me to my maximum and pulling out more than just dance in my movement. Aside from dancing, living the lifestyle of the Greek is fascinating and the country is breathtaking. The food, the people, the beaches; You will not want to leave! This experience allows you to grow as a person and as a dancer, adapting to new surroundings, meeting new positive and talented people and performing around Greece. Thank you VIEW Dance Challenge for the unforgettable experience!"