Title Soloist Competition

PRICE: $275.00


JUNIOR MISS & MR VIEW DANCE: (10& Under) (Petite, Mini, Juniors)

INTERMEDIATE MISS & MR VIEW DANCE (11-14) (Intermediate, Pre-Teens)

MISS & MR VIEW DANCE: (15& Up) (Teen, Senior, Advanced)


NOTE: There must be 5 or more in each category to Award 5th to 1st.


1. You must have received a top solo award (Top 5 Soloist in Age Division) at one of our Regional Events. Additionally, if you received a Greece Intensive Invitation at one of our Conventions you are also qualified to compete in our Title Competition.

2. Contestants must attend all convention classes. (Convention fees are included in Title Soloist Entry Cost)

3. You cannot win the Title of Mr. or Miss VIEW Dance, Intermediate Mr. or Miss VIEW Dance, Junior Mr. or Miss VIEW Dance two consecutive years.

4. All Runner Up Title Winners automatically qualify to re-compete in the Title Competition for the proceeding  year.


Contestants must be prepared for an Interview. Please dress in semi formal attire for the interview. Interviews will be held in Entry Code Order.

Contestants must participate in an on camera meet & greet.

Contestants must be part of the VIEW Title professional photo shoot. *Please ensure title dancers wear all black for their photo shoot/on camera meet & greet with no logos. (VIEW logos permitted).

Contestants must take part in mandatory rehearsals & performance for the Red Carpet Gala Opening Number.

Contestants can compete a different solo in the regular Nationals competition from what they enter into the Title Competition. Title solos cannot be entered into the regular Nationals competition.

Contestants do not need to enter the solo they received the top award for at our regionals event, however it must be from the same dance season.

Contestants will be adjudicated on their Title Solo Performance, Interview Process, Convention Classes and overall attitude towards their dance experience!

*Title Solos are not eligible for the FINAL Hour Showdown.
*Title Solos entered into the title competition are not eligible for Top 5 Competitive Plaques or Overall Awards


One female and one male winner from each age division will receive:

·     The Title of Ms./Mr. VIEW Dance

·      Invitation to assist VIEW Dance Convention

·      Trophy, Sash, Crown

·      Cash Award- JUNIOR MISS & MR VIEW DANCE: ($500.00) – INTERMEDIATE MISS & MR VIEW DANCE: ($500.00) – MISS & MR VIEW DANCE: ($1000.00)

·      Photo from professional photoshoot (sent to the studio post event)

·      Invitation to perform live at the next Nationals Red Carpet Gala

·      For more details regarding our Title competition please contact info@viewdancechallenge.com