Special Events


All dancers who are registered in the Nationals Competition receive complimentary convention classes throughout the week.
Classes will be taught by our established panel of judges.

*Convention classes are mandatory for Title Dancers.
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Studio Owners and Teachers receive a complimentary VIEW breakfast on the first day of Nationals.
Sit down, relax and meet your fellow teachers and studio owners.


This complimentary class is open to all Studio Owners, Teachers and Parents who want to wake up and sweat with VIEW!
While your dancers are in Convention Classes, come take a fun fitness class with VIEW faculty members.
Yoga mats are not provided. We recommend that you bring a towel.


Every dance studio will have the opportunity to choose one group competition entry of any style, age category and classification to compete in the VIEW FINAL HOUR SHOWDOWN with the exception of Adult Routines, Production Numbers and Interpretive Jazz Solos. Studio owners and directors must submit the entry of choice no later than 1 week prior to the start of the VIEW Dance Challenge event.  Winner of the VIEW FINAL HOUR SHOWDOWN is determined by the three adjudicators and is not based on score merit, but rather the judges choice. Judges will be choosing the most entertaining routine!

VIEW Dance Challenge strongly encourage dancers and parents to stay and support their fellow teammates in the VIEW FINAL HOUR SHOWDOWN!


*Minimum of 3 studios must participate with group routines for the pre-competitive and competitive FINAL Hour Showdown to run
*Adult Routines, Advanced Routines, Production Numbers and Interpretive Jazz Solos are 
ineligible for selection.